Our Business model

Our Business Model

Our  business model for us at AASAL Partners Holding Company is to invest in   sector which is not served well, distressed commercial activities and  investments because of the importance of preserving them and the presence of unexploited opportunities and the advancement of them again in the event that this can be achieved.

In our business, we follow the same style of the successful holding investment company Berkshire Hathaway to promote economic activities to a higher economic level.


It must apply to those opportunities that we are looking for, easy and simple criteria that we follow:

1- Those companies should have a clear, understandable and easy-to-develop commercial activity.

2- Those companies should have honest management and previous commercial history.

3- We want to have the power to take decisions in the crucial cases of these companies.

4- We are not looking to exit from these companies and be the best investment supporter for them as long as possible.