About us


The main activity of AASAL Partners started as a private advisory office in Saudi Arabia since 2017, searching for investment opportunities in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in the field of alternative investments (private equity, Mergers and Acquisitions) match parties with each other (as joint) only , without raising capital Or set funds because of no official license at that time. Based on our experience in the financial, administrative and organizational structuring of this sector due to the great investment return upon the success of the process of converting companies into a successful and supportive company for the economy. (AASAL) is derived from the initials of the full name of the founder. Because of business module, the word (Partner) in the English language to indicate that the nature of our work is based on partnership in the activities in which we invest and help developing them. AASAL is a holding company registered and licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain with Commercial Registration No. (148075-1) under the Bahrain corporate Law.


To be a trusted investment service providers to our clients, and add value to their companies and investment which will make our business model a successful model in many business activities.


To be the region’s preferred consultation service providers in many fields of Alternative investment and distressed debt and companies solutions.